Laurie E. Notch has been involved with several podcasts and two documentaries on paranormal phenomena: PINE STATE PHANTOMS and EYES FROM THE PINES. She is listed on IMDb for her involvement with various projects from short films, documentaries, and features.


Laurie is currently working on several screenplays for production as well as the third in the Pine State series, this time about UFOs.


Laurie E. Notch

Writer and Researcher of What's Weird and Wondrous


I may not be a big name or a prominent player in the field, but my passion to explore the bizarre and paranormal as a writer and videographer compel me to contribute what I can in the way of story and documentation.


As a trained cultural anthropologist with an MFA in Creative Writing, I tend to lend a secular humanist spin on people's accounts of what they perceive and believe. In my many travels around the world, tales of spirits and unearthly beings abound. I want to know why. I have followed and filmed ghost hunters and interviewed dozens of people who claim to have experienced inexplicable ghostly encounters.   


I love working with curious filmmakers, writers, and witnesses of paranormal phenomena, from poltergeists to cryptids.  Feel free to follow me on Facebook, and check out The Paranorm Project page. There is also Zombie Haiku o' the Day just for fun!



For decades, I have captured images of the exotic and the mundane via still photography and video. I have produced programs on the weird, strange, and beautiful aspects of Maine, where ghostly figures haunt many a residence and mysterious cryptids ppear in the woods. My paranormal periodical and website are devoted to the paranormal world where contributers are welcome! If you suspect you have unexplained phenomena happening in your area, please contact me at

The Art of Writing Horror

As a writer, I have covered many a genre: non-fcition, travelogues, historical romance, biography, inspirational, technical, and commercial. I have also taught classes and workshops in creative writing with a focus on fiction and flash fiction. But my all-time favs are horror--especially horror-comedy.--and sci-fi/ fantasy.  I have written short stores and non-fiction for international anthologies, screenplays for short films and web series, and stage plays. For more info and links to projects, go to my publications web site at